Tech Data Distribution Partners With Allied Telesis

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The Hong Kong Data Protection Act offers residents of Hong Kong an enhanced level of personal data protection. It applies to any organization or company processing personal information within Hong Kong regardless of where that data may reside or whether its storage occurs locally. Under law, companies must inform people exactly how and with whom they intend to share their personal data, obtaining explicit consent before using any personal information for other purposes than intended. This law is meant to prevent misuse of personal information and reduce identity theft risk; however, some experts are worried that its unintended effects might hinder researchers who seek to study trends in medical data in order to develop better treatments for disease.

An effective data strategy is critical to operating efficiently, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and making sound business decisions in today’s digital economy. Acquiring accurate information leads to better decision-making, increased productivity and ultimately greater revenues and profits.

Hong Kong boasts world-class infrastructure and serves as a center for cloud services, network providers and IT service providers. Its data centers offer wide ranging networking services and access to many global markets – making Hong Kong an excellent choice for businesses that wish to expand globally while taking advantage of local best practices.

Tech Data Distribution (HK) and Allied Telesis, an industry leader in IT infrastructure solutions and security, have come together to form a partnership designed to keep pace with the rapidly-evolving IT landscape. Through this relationship, both organizations will offer customers an extensive selection of IT products and services; additionally they will also offer training and support so that their investments deliver maximum returns.

Tech Data Distribution will remain at the forefront of innovation within IT infrastructure as the market develops, expanding their portfolio to meet customer demands. Through this partnership, they hope to strengthen customer relations while solidifying their position as leaders of IT ecosystems.

Tech Data Distribution has long been dedicated to supporting its customers across Asia-Pacific region, offering technology, services, expertise and dedicated professional teams available 24/7 for consultation or assistance to meet any challenges or needs that may arise.

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