The Best Places to Visit in Sydney

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Sydney is famous for its waterways, so it should come as no surprise that many residents enjoy swimming and relaxing at its beaches and pools. There are numerous beaches and pools across Sydney; however, some offer special opportunities such as Manly to Shelly Beach walk, which allows swimmers to access two of Sydney’s most breathtaking ocean pools, or Cabbage Tree Bay Eco Sculpture Walk where visitors can discover two of Sydney’s best natural swimming spots on its northern beaches.

Bronte Beach Coastal Walk provides stunning views of its stunning beach and surroundings. Ideal for families with kids looking for some outdoor fun and plenty of room to run around and explore, you can also find some delicious seafood restaurants on its cliff edge serving delectable local dishes!

Sydney Harbour National Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination, featuring more than 260 km of hiking trails and an abundance of wildlife such as kangaroos, seals, penguins, fish, birds and reptiles. You can take an organized kayak or boat tour around the harbour to get up close with this remarkable ecosystem and its inhabitants!

The City of Sydney provides aquatic centres designed to suit people of all ages and abilities, making the City’s aquatic facilities easily accessible for everyone. You can locate one near you by visiting its website or calling 1300 338 589; each center boasts swimming and recreational facilities managed by professionally-trained staff – with resident access free; visitors from outside Sydney must pay an entrance fee.