Sydney Pools + Outdoor Design – The Key to Keeping Your Pool Looking Good For Longer

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Sydney’s swimming pool industry is flourishing, and one of the best ways to experience aquatic living is investing in a new or renovated pool. Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design’s current issue showcases stunning pools designed by some of Australia’s brightest pool designers as well as articles that discuss keeping your pool looking good longer.

Maintaining a pool can be expensive, but there are steps you can take to lower costs for cleaning and repairs. We suggest following a cleaning and brushing schedule at least twice every week that keeps the floor and walls free from dirt and debris – this will also keep the water cleaner! You should also ensure all equipment works as it should do while replacing worn parts when necessary.

Cleanliness in your pool will not only prevent algae growth but will also extend its lifespan and extend the life of its equipment. We advise replacing pool chemicals at regular intervals to maintain an appropriate pH balance and avoid scale build-up, and to use a pool cleaner with built-in sanitisation capabilities as this will kill bacteria as well as clearing away organic matter from its surface.

An annual pool inspection from a professional technician is highly recommended to identify any problems early on and offer solutions before they become serious. In addition, qualified pool technicians can ensure your pool remains safe by conducting a full safety inspection of its surrounding environment.

Not only should your pool remain clean, but you should also make sure it has an appropriate cover to protect from harsh weather conditions like hail and frost. There are various kinds of pool covers on the market; choose one suitable for your climate.

Pool covers are an effective way to safeguard your investment and ease maintenance, making your pool more visually appealing while making life simpler for yourself and the maintenance staff. Plus, with various shapes and colors to choose from, it should be simple finding one to fit perfectly!

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